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About Fashion Studio

Elevate your fashion photos with stills and videos of live models or mannequins with Orbitvu’s Fashion Studio – the high-end response to all fashion photography needs.

Featuring a large stage with changeable backdrops and plenty of individually controlled light sources, Fashion Studio allows professional photographers to really let their creativity loose. 

Fashion Studio is a game changer for your fashion photography needs. Improved time-to-market, increased savings at scale and stunning fashion shots – all with this ultimate solution.

High-Performance LED Panels

14 individually controlled high-power LED panels, including a backlit back wall – lighting versatility and convenience of both default and custom light presets.

Motorised Stand

Control camera height, tilt and zoom levels and keep them in reloadable templates.

Full Crew Support

Facilitate the work of your model, stylist and operator with a position laser, a virtual mirror and visual and sound signals. 

IQ Mask

Automated background removal in just 5 seconds – without human intervention nor additional steps. Background of product images are removed automatically while shooting.

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