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Case Studies

Sara Rossi

Photographer & Videomaker, CLX Europe Media Solution

Luxury Bags & Shoes

“For my job, it’s essential to shoot with the perfect tools, have total control of the lights and have the possibility to recreate it for every product. Orbitvu is perfect for doing so, both for photography and video. Since Orbitvu takes away the stress of managing lights and background, I can concentrate more on the details of my work.”

Pete Shultis

Operations Manager, S Ambani Group

Tobacco Products

“Orbitvu has transformed the way we look at product photography. It certainly increased the efficiency and more importantly, the creativity that we have with our products. I never imagined that we’d have a system this automated and this efficient to handle the type of graphic design and marketing style that we go for.”

Jake Glimco

Marketing Manager, Phoenix Leather Goods

Leather Bags & Outfit Accessories

“The Alphastudio XXL has allowed us to have much more photos for our products in a much quicker turnaround time. This is especially important as we’ve been working to develop more custom label products. And we really want to make our products shine.”

Jason McClain

Vice President of Marketing, RefrigiWear

Insulated Outerwear

“We have been using several Orbitvu products over the last few years: the Alphashot XL and Alphastudio XXL, as well as the Fashion Studio. These products have really sped up our time to finish at the photoshoot.”

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