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Alphashot XL

All-around product content excellence

Shoot 300 Images Per Day | Product Spin Ready In 90 s |

Product Video Ready In 3 Mins

About Alphashot XL

Impress with amazing quality photos, 360° product images, and videos of small and medium-sized items thanks to Alphashot XL’s design and automation.

Take total control in creating your unique photo style with cutting-edge lighting along with various accessories that make this device ideal for capturing a very broad range of products.

High-Performance LED Panels

Six individually controlled high-power LED panels for true colours. 

Adjustable positions of the LED panels allows for perfect lighting for all products.

Motorised Turntable

Ensure smooth rotation for 360° photography, video production and product positioning.

Grip Camera Support

Excellent Manfrotto geared head enables ultra precise camera positioning. Grip action camera support keeps camera aligned while smoothly changing its height and distance from the product.

With rulers on all movement axes, camera position can be easily repeated.

IQ Mask

Automated background removal in just 5 seconds – without human intervention nor additional steps. Background of product images are removed automatically while shooting.

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