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About Alphashot Micro v2

Capture perfect shots of jewellery and highly reflective products with Orbitvu’s specially designed solution – Alphashot Micro. Easily and effectively deal with glossy and transparent products to shoot perfect photos, 360° product images and videos.

Alphashot Micro’s integrated software also offers tools useful in jewellery photo post-processing to perfect your images and add that final touch.

Cylindrical Lighting System

The world’s first movable lighting system which moves with camera in the range of 300°. With lights integrated along the wheel contour, the product can be precisely illuminated from all sides.

Spot Lamp

Add sparkle to gems with special brilliance LEDs, while moveable LED panels and precision spotlights ensure seamless lighting of reflective surfaces.

Interchangeable Tables

Create different contrast environments using glass, white or black tables.

IQ Mask

Automated background removal in just 5 seconds – without human intervention nor additional steps. Background of product images are removed automatically while shooting.

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